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For more than 160 years, the state of Wisconsin and its flagship university have worked together to improve life for all Wisconsinites.

Cutting UW Tuition

Last week, in his annual State of the State address, Governor Walker called for an across–the–board cut in UW tuition. While college affordability is important, we must insure we continue to provide an education that is both affordable and high quality. While elected officials debate this issues, here are the facts. Undergraduate, in-state tuition at UW–Madison is currently $10,489 per year. That ranks UW–Madison seventh among the 14 Big Ten universities for state-resident tuition. Over the last four years, tuition at UW-Madison has been frozen at its current level. Additionally, UW–Madison has the second lowest room and board costs of the 14 Big Ten universities. Only about 50% of undergraduate and masters students and about 30% of PhD students graduate with debt. The student loan default rate as of 2013 (latest available) was 1.2% compared to a national rate of 8.8%.

Investments in students, faculty, and facilities are what make a great university a world-class university. As governor two decades ago, I proudly invested in knowledge and research—and the return on that investment continues across campus.Governor Tommy Thompson

At a Crossroads

The Wisconsin Idea is alive and well, but it still needs your support. Facing declining state funds and rising educational costs, UW—Madison is at a crossroads. While the state once contributed more than 40% of our budget, today it provides just 15%. We have relentlessly pursued costs savings and efficiencies across campus, from facilities to administration to IT to personnel. But it’s not enough. In order to continue providing a world-class education for Wisconsin families, we need a reinvestment from the state.

The state’s generous support of the university built a world-renowned institution with a global footprint right in our own backyard. For the future students across this state — and for the future of this state — reinvest in UW.

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Take Action

The university needs your support. The UW System is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities from elected officials in Madison and Washington D.C. It’s time to speak up and take action. Reach out to your officials through email, Twitter or Facebook.

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