About WAA

The Wisconsin Alumni Association® is your connection to UW-Madison. Since 1861, we’ve been enriching the lives of UW alumni — keeping you connected to your alma mater and to fellow Badgers.

WAA is a division of the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The support of dues-paying WAA members makes it possible to serve all alumni worldwide.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1861 to promote the welfare of the University of Wisconsin and serve the interests of its alumni, the association carries out this mission today through marketing, communications, services, and programs that link alumni back to the university, the university with alumni, and alumni with each other.

The Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) is open to all alumni, students, and friends of the university. WAA encourages diversity, inclusivity, and participation by all of these groups in its activities, and does not discriminate on any basis. WAA embraces UW-Madison’s sifting and winnowing motto, which is a cherished and widely admired tradition.