The Red Shirt™

The Red Shirt™

Badger Nation, we turn to you for your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration for the next design of The Red Shirt™.

What should the Eighth Edition say or look like?

There’s no such thing as a bad idea

You don’t need to be an artist. Just scribble or sketch out your vision, put your spin on a Badger catchphrase, or come up with your own spirited slogan.

Then attach your idea and submit it using the following form.

In return for your brainstorms, we’ll enter you into a drawing to win the Eighth Edition.

Searching for inspiration? Check out the evolution of some previous editions. Submission entry is now closed.

Stay tuned as we’ll announce the new Eighth Edition design just before it goes on sale in August.

Get the Seventh Edition while you can

This collectible’s still going strong — but its time in the spotlight will be over before you know it. So add this instant classic to your collection of Badger wear before it’s too late.

The Red Shirt™ is the only shirt that gives back, as proceeds from sales go to the Great People Scholarship, helping deserving students to become Badger grads.

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The Red Shirt™ gives alumni, students and friends the chance to make a difference today for the Badgers of tomorrow. This unique collectible provides a fun way to give back, because proceeds from sales go to the Great People Scholarship.

Impact to Date

  • Shirts Sold: 29,488
  • Dollars Raised: $250,000
  • Scholarships Awarded: 123


To date, 123 UW-Madison students have received a Great People Scholarship from proceeds generated by The Red Shirt™. The average award is $4,459.68.


With costs rising at world-class institutions such as UW-Madison, many students can no longer afford tuition. In fact, 63 percent of all students receive financial aid. The gap between available funds and need is estimated to be $15 million.


WAA contributes 50 percent of its proceeds from sales of The Red Shirt™ to the Great People Scholarship. In the past five years alone, The Red Shirt™ has contributed a total of $250,000 to the Office of Student Financial Aid, which chooses eligible students to receive this scholarship.


The majority of students who earn a Great People Scholarship reside in Wisconsin, but the scholarship has also been awarded to Badgers who come from Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Texas, Indiana and New Jersey.




The Red Shirt™ — also the official shirt of UW Homecoming — is no ordinary shirt. It’s the only one of its kind designed to unite Badgers and give back to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Proceeds from sales go to the Great People Scholarship, giving deserving students the chance to earn their UW degrees.

Every Shirt Sold Makes a Difference

The Red Shirt™ is changing lives of future Badgers. Learn more.

Retired Editions and History

The year was 2008. The idea was simple: give Badgers a spirited way to give back. The tradition of The Red Shirt™ was born — because after the first edition was unveiled in ’08, a new, collectible design has been introduced every year. With each new edition, the previous one is retired … never to be sold again. But because every edition of The Red Shirt™ unites Badgers and gives students the chance to earn a UW degree, they’ll never be forgotten either.


Sixth Edition | 2013


Fifth Edition | 2012

Fourth Edition | 2011

Fourth Edition | 2011

Third Edition | 2010

Third Edition | 2010


Second Edition | 2009


First Edition | 2008