The Flamingle

What the Flock is the Flamingle?

On the morning of September 4, 1979, students trudging up Bascom Hill to their morning classes wiped the sleep from their eyes to see the entire hill turned … pink? The Pail & Shovel Party, led by legendary jokesters James Mallon ’79 and Leon Varjian, “planted” 1,008 plastic pink flamingos on the Bascom lawn as a victory stunt after winning the student government elections.

The flamingo stunt did more than give UW–Madison a reputation of “inspired goofiness.” It also solidified the bird as a campus and Madison icon: in 2009, the plastic pink flamingo became the official city bird.

Here at the Wisconsin Alumni Association® (WAA), we believe in helping all alumni stay tapped into the inspired goofiness of UW–Madison. Which is why we’ve created the Flamingle. As if Fridays weren’t great enough already, you’ll now wake up to a freshly-hatched Flamingle waiting in your inbox. The Flamingle shares news about campus and the surrounding area while reveling in the traditions you love about the UW.

So come on. Flamingle with us.