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Ten Things That WAA Is Thankful for This Thanksgiving

’Tis the season for twinkle lights, family gatherings, general good cheer, and above all, gratitude. We at the Wisconsin Alumni Association® (WAA) have had quite a year, and we have a lot to be thankful for. Chief among them, of course, are our alumni and friends!

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Poll: Best UW Residence Hall

Of the many things that Badger grads feel passionate about, one is the feeling that their freshman-year residence hall was the best. We're polling Flamingle readers to see which one comes out on top! Vote (once!) for your favorite by clicking the "up" arrow.

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Quiz: We Can Guess Where You Studied

Answer some questions and we’ll take our best bet at your college study location of choice. Did we get it wrong? (We do our best, really.) Tell us in the comments section where you think the best study spot on the UW–Madison campus is! Love content like this? Be sure to check your inbox for […]

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Quiz: Survive Flamingle HQ’s Haunted House

Mwahahaha. Welcome to the Villa Phoenicopteridae — the most haunted place in the history of the world. Flamingle HQ dares you to choose-your-own-adventure through our haunted house, and we’ll tell you at which spooky campus spot you should test your wits.

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