Privacy Policy

The most important function of the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) is keeping alumni connected – to UW-Madison and to each other. Consequently, WAA compiles both public and private information about all alumni and WAA members. This notice is to inform you of how we use the information we collect and how you can limit that use.

WAA collects information about UW-Madison alumni from various sources:

  • information you send us, whether through correspondence, applications, e-mail, surveys, etc.
  • information we receive from our affiliates
  • information we receive from UW-Madison’s Alumni Records Office, which is a matter of public record

Our database is for the sole use of WAA, its members, and other UW-Madison graduates. We do not sell, rent or trade alumni information with any organization that isn’t directly affiliated with us.

Who are WAA’s affiliates?

WAA is a division of the University of Wisconsin Foundation and works closely with UW-Madison, regional alumni chapters and affinity alumni groups (e.g., the UW Band Alumni Association, the Daily Cardinal Alumni Association, etc.). We share information openly with these organizations.

WAA has also formed relationships with companies to provide certain services to alumni and to generate revenue that finances the benefits WAA provides to alumni and students. Before entering into a partnership with these companies, WAA considered their practices regarding the use of customer information. We have found them to be reputable, trustworthy organizations.

These companies communicate directly with alumni to market the products and services that they vend for WAA. For that purpose, we provide them a list of names and addresses, with a detailed contract governing the list’s use. If you do not wish to be contacted by these companies, notify us at the address below. We will remove your name from the mailing lists we give them. Please be aware that mailings are often prepared several weeks in advance of shipping. We will try to get your name out of circulation as quickly as possible, but you may receive mailings for more than a month after requesting removal.

Does WAA engage in telemarketing?

WAA does not solicit funds for itself or the university over the telephone. The only reasons a representative of WAA will call you would be to offer a service or to conduct a survey. While UW-Madison does, from time to time, raise funds over the telephone, this work is done by other divisions of the UW Foundation.

What kind of electronic information does WAA collect?

When a user logs on to our Web site,, WAA’s Web server automatically recognizes only the consumer’s domain name (where possible), not the e-mail address. We do collect e-mail addresses, but only when users voluntarily submit them, either through correspondence or by listing them on application or registration forms.

WAA maintains a list of email addresses so that we may keep interested alumni informed about WAA and UW events, both in Madison and in their areas. Therefore, we share email addresses with regional alumni chapters and we compile them for our electronic newsletter, Badger Voice. If you do not wish to receive Badger Voice or any other email correspondence, you may opt out by sending an email to

WAA’s site also collects aggregate information about which pages consumers access or visit and any other information volunteered by a user, such as survey responses. This helps us evaluate and improve our site, and it is solely for use within the association.

WAA does not sell, or trade email addresses or other electronic alumni information with any other organization for any reason.

A note about the Online Alumni Directory

One of the services we provide to UW-Madison’s alumni is an online directory of the university’s graduates. We administer this directory on and access is free to all alumni who register. The directory service is offered on a hosted web service platform by Graduway, a third-party company. For more information, please review the Badger Bridge privacy policy at:

By default, the directory displays the names, employer, job title, graduation year and degree information for alumni. The directory does not display contact information for alumni who have not registered on the site and have not opted to display contact information. If you prefer to not be listed in the directory, please write to us at the address below or complete this form.

Opting Out

If you wish, we will provide you with a full account of the information we have about you. To receive such an account, or to request that we not give out your address, telephone number, or any other personal information, please send a written request to:

The Wisconsin Alumni Association
650 North Lake St.
Madison, WI 53706

If you do not wish to receive Badger Voice, or any other email from WAA, please send us a message at

Please note: This statement applies only to WAA, not to UW-Madison. For more information about UW-Madison’s privacy policies, visit the Registrar’s Office Web site at