Epic Story Begins at the UW

The story of Judy Faulkner, the founder and CEO of Epic Systems, showcases the exact reason a world-class university matters so much to Wisconsin.

UW Tuition Costs Hit Low-income Students Hardest

Low-income students describe the struggle to meet UW costs and how this struggle discourages and hinders them from participating in the college community.

Big Cuts to the UW Set It Apart Nationally

Following the 8% funding cut to the UW System, a study shows that Wisconsin suffered the second highest decrease in higher education in the country.

College of Letters and Sciences is a Treasure Built by All Wisconsinites

UW-Madison’s College of Letters and Sciences relies on private funding to continue its legacy of excellence — especially in attracting outstanding students and dedicated professors and researchers.

Proposed ban on fetal tissue would halt lifesaving research

Scientists explain the importance of fetal material from federally regulated tissue banks.

What does the UW mean to the state’s economy?

The short answer is $15 billion, but there’s much more to the story. The UW affects the Wisconsin economy through direct employment, fostering start-ups, research spending, supporting outstanding hospitals and producing graduates.