UW-Madison Safety Programs Urge Bystanders to Take Action

New UW-Madison programs aiming to stop sexual assault, alcohol abuse, and racism all revolve around the power of peer intervention by encouraging bystanders to step in and take action.

UW-Madison’s Plans for Campus Prepare a Key State Institution for a Bright Future

With a goal of educating young minds for centuries to come, UW-Madison’s campus master plan highlights a long timeline of potential changes to be made to campus, from improved parking availability to the demolition of Van Hise in order to make room for a grassy mall.

New Ad Campaign Seeks to Promote Support for UW System Budget Request

State Support for UW System Dropped More than a Third in 15 Years

In just 15 years, state support for the UW System has dropped more than a third, which, in combination with the maintained tuition freeze, threatens the quality of education that the University of Wisconsin can provide.

Aims to Improve Campus Climate Receive Criticism for Their Threats to Freedom of Speech

Following a slew of racially-targeted incidents on campus last year, UW-Madison has introduced several new initiatives in hopes of improving the racial climate on campus, which critics fear may limit the “fearless sifting and winnowing” of ideas at the heart of the university.

Chancellor Blank Discusses the Success of UW-Madison’s 2016 Summer Term

Following changes to the structure and options for summer term, UW-Madison saw an increase in summer 2016 undergraduate enrollment of 10 percent from 2015 to more than 6,800 students. In a recent blog post, Chancellor Blank reflects on these successes and focuses on further improvements to come.

UW-Madison Ranked 10th Best Public College in the Nation by U.S. News & World Report

According to U.S. News & World Report, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the 10th best public college in the nation among a pool of more than 310 national doctoral universities.

Project 72 Highlights Lasting Effects of the UW System on Communities throughout the State

The Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association’s Project 72, named for the 72 counties in Wisconsin, utilizes the stories of members from every county to showcase the lasting and powerful relationship that exists between UW-Madison and communities across the state.

Regents Millner and Behling: UW System Is the State’s Best Return on Investment

According to UW Regents, Regina Millner and John Robert Behling, every dollar of taxpayer support for the UW System provides at least $10 return to the Wisconsin economy, making it the state’s best return on investment.

The 2017–19 Budget Cycle May Include Performance-Based Funding

Following UW System requests for extended state funding over the next two years, Governor Scott Walker’s spokesman Tony Evenson divulged that the upcoming budget will include new performance-based funding for the system. The Governor also plans to reinstate the tuition freeze for resident tuition, an action that UW advocates fear could threaten the system’s quality […]