Concealed Carry

Campus safety

The UW-Madison campus has a well-developed plan to keep students, faculty, and guests safe. Visit the UW-Madison Police Department web page to learn more about the plan, as well as steps that students and staff can take to be safe.

Take Action

Communicate with the governor and members of the Wisconsin legislature to express your concerns about the proposed concealed carry legislation.

Security on campus is a serious and growing concern for UW-Madison faculty, students, and parents. Campus leaders, in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, are constantly working to maintain and improve campus security.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has designated all campus buildings as weapon-free facilities. Current Wisconsin law (Wis. Stat. § 175.60) allows citizens who hold a valid concealed-carry permit to carry handguns and other legal weapons. This law also grants businesses, non-profits, government, and university buildings the right to designate their facilities as gun-free zones, making it illegal to enter with a weapon — even with a valid permit.

Recently, members of the Wisconsin State Assembly proposed legislation that would allow anyone to carry weapons in all UW-Madison facilities, including dorms and classrooms. UW-Madison leaders, faculty, and others are concerned that such legislation would drastically decrease campus safety.

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