Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Badger Bridge, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Questions about Badger Bridge

Who can join Badger Bridge?
Badger Bridge is exclusively for alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the fall semester of 2016, a select group of current UW students will be granted access to connect with alumni and find mentors.
How do I log in?
To join the platform, visit and choose to log in with your email or through a social login with Facebook or LinkedIn. If it is your first time logging in, you will be asked to enter your degree information to verify that you graduated from UW-Madison.
After entering profile information, you will be asked about the ways you are interested in giving back through the site. These choices can always be changed in the future through your profile.
If the details entered do not match automatically (if we have a different email address on record, for instance), your account will be reviewed and approved within two business days.
What are those Facebook and LinkedIn buttons?
The Facebook and LinkedIn buttons on the Badger Bridge homepage are social login options. These options allow you to authenticate your online identity through a social network where you already have an account. These options are available for your convenience, and can make logging into Badger Bridge easier because you won’t have to remember a separate password.
I’m having a technical problem with site.
If you are having a problem with the site, please contact us at
What information should I include in my profile?
We encourage you to make sure your latest profiessional information is up-to-date so that fellow alumni can find where you are now. Additional information on your past experiences is also useful for alumni, especially younger alumni, to get a sense of how you got to where you are and how they might get there as well.
How do I update or change the ways I’m willing to help?
You can always update your availability to give back through your profile. On the profile update page you can find the willing to help choices on the left hand side (screenshot below).
A screenshot highlighting where to update a user's giving back abilities on Badger Bridge.
Can I add jobs to the job board?
Certainly! Sharing jobs that you know about can provide a lot of value for fellow alumni.
If you are an employer looking to post jobs for Wisconsin alumni and you do not have access to Badger Bridge, please visit our employer services page.

About the Badger Bridge Directory

How do I find someone in the directory?
From the directory page you can find alumni and students, whether they be former classmates or you’re looking professional connections in a specific field. There are two ways to search: through keyword searches in the main search bar (area number one in the image below) or by refining your search based on users’ profiles (area number two in the image below).
A screenshot highlighting the two search areas in the directory.
How do I search by maiden name?
Use the main search bar in the directory to find someone based on their maiden name. Note that some maiden name information is incomplete, but information on maiden names is being added all the time so be sure to check back.
No one is showing up in the company or industry I’m searching for, does that mean there aren’t any alumni there?
If it’s a small industry or company it is certainly possible that alumni are not present. For the first few months after launch of Badger Bridge it is also likely to take time for alumni to join the network and enter their information, so perhaps check back to see if Badgers are in those areas as more alumni join the site.
In the meantime, invite alumni you know to Badger Bridge and encourage them to do the same! The more active alumni that are on the site, the better your chances of finding a Badger in the area you’re searching for.
I don’t want my contact information displayed in the directory, how do I remove that?
You can update the visibility of your contact information through your profile page. In the lower right corner of the profile page you can adjust how visible and accessible your contact information.
A screenshot highlighing where to update contact settings in a user's profile page.
How do I delete my account on Badger Bridge?
We’d be sorry to see you go, but if you decide that Badger Bridge is not meeting your expectations, you can delete your account anytime by clicking “Delete account” under your Account Settings.
You can also opt out of Badger Bridge by completing this brief opt-out form.

About Mentoring on Badger Bridge

What type of commitment should I be prepared for as a mentor or mentee on Badger Bridge?
You’re availability to mentor, and the time involved, is completely up to you and the your mentor or mentee. The spectrum can run from answering quick questions via email or the platform’s messaging feature, up to a more invovled commitment the might include meeting for coffee or phone calls. We recommend selecting the give back options that fit you best, so to make it easy for fellow Badgers to find you, and then “feeling it out” from there.
How does a mentoring relationship start?
Use the search features in the directory to find potential mentors that match your interests. You can refine your search based on geography, industry or educational background.
A mentor or mentee and I are linked on Badger Bridge, what do I do next?
Best place is to start with a message. Contact the other person to let them know what you’re hoping to learn or share in the relationship.
How many mentors or mentees can I have?
You are encouraged to connect with as many Badgers as you are able and interested. Over time your availabilty might change, and you can certainly adjust your Give Back choices accordingly. If someone contacts you and you are no longer able to provide the type of input she is looking for, then it is best to let them know.

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