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Meet 2019 Forward under 40 Award Recipient Matt Kopac’01

When it comes to the business behind Burt’s Bees, Matt Kopac makes sure the company prospers while keeping its promises to people and the planet.

Build Your Resilience with These 10 Questions

UW professor Travis Wright offers some self-reflection prompts to help you build, recognize, and honor your resilience in a time of uncertainty and unrest.

Meet 2019 Forward under 40 Award Recipient Ali Bramson’11

When humans launch the first crewed expedition to Mars, there’s a chance planetary scientist Ali Bramson has found them a friendly spot to land.

Great Teachers Making a Great Difference

Check out the winners of the 2015 Distinguished Teaching Awards

What Keeps You Awake at Night

Paul Robbins ’89, director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies discusses daunting environmental challenges and surprising opportunities.

Celebrating 100 Years of Barnard Hall

A century later, Barnard Hall is the oldest functioning residence hall on campus, and UW students still call it home.

$100 Million Cut to UW System Maintenance Funding Hindering Campus Upkeep and Academic Advancement

Alongside last year’s decision by the state government to cut the UW System budget by $250 million came a less publicized, $100 million cut to money granted by the state for major maintenance, repairs and renovations to campus buildings, utilities and related infrastructure.

Meet 2018 Forward under 40 Award Recipient Zainab Ghadiyali MS’12, MS’12

Zainab Ghadiyali’s first foray into engineering was a winner.

The COVID-19 Question Queen

A pandemic called. Malia Jones and her team answered.

Assigned Reading: Dietram Scheufele MA’97, PhD’99

John E. Ross Professor and Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Life Sciences Communication.