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Window Wizard: Taylor County

the UW helped prepare Chris Schield to take over his family business.

August 17, 2017
Chris Shield of Weather Shield

Weather Shield — the family-owned window and door business that the grandfather of Chris Schield MBA’11 started in his garage in 1955 — has grown to compete successfully in global markets, yet retains its Wisconsin roots and craftsmanship.

“My grandfather, Edward ‘Lee’ Schield, is the epitome of an entrepreneur,” says Schield, vice president of marketing for the Medford-based company who earned his executive MBA degree in 2011 at UW–Madison. “Business is something I’m passionate about.”

Schield says that his MBA laid the foundation for career success. “I knew this program would prepare me to be a better leader. UW–Madison provided me an opportunity to accelerate my career and achieve success on a number of levels, professionally and personally,” he says. “I had a diverse cohort with a lot of professional experience that I knew I would need, plus outstanding teaching staff.”

Chris Schield worked for the business for a few years before joining Kohler Company as a channel manager. He returned to Weather Shield in 2014 and now leads its marketing-communications and product-development departments. Schield’s father, Kevin, is vice president of operations for the company, and his uncle, Mark, is its president.

Weather Shield today employs 1,300 people who manufacture customized windows and doors at facilities in the Wisconsin communities of Medford, Ladysmith, and Park Falls.

“UW–Madison provided me an opportunity to accelerate my career and achieve success on a number of levels.”

“These communities mean a lot to us and are an integral part of our business. Our success is made possible by our employees and their craftsmanship,” Schield says. “It’s our goal to be the employer of choice in each of those communities.”

To that end, Weather Shield has established several programs aimed at training employees and providing them with new skills to position the company to become more competitive. “We have an obligation to create opportunities for professional and personal growth and advancement,” says Schield.

That commitment to the success of his employees has helped to create a successful company — and a more prosperous community.

Thank you to Taylor County for sending us Chris Schield, who has used his UW education as a doorway to success for his extended family, his family’s business, and the communities of which it’s a part.

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