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Welcome to the City

We’re Glad You’re Here!

Have you ever been wearing Badger apparel outside of Madison, and heard someone yell “Go Badgers”? From what we hear (and experience ourselves!), this is a pretty common occurrence for Wisconsin Alumni.

Moving to a new city, especially on the heels of graduation, can be scary. But our WAA chapters are always ready to welcome newly arrived alumni into their communities.  In the beginning of September, we teamed up with our chapters to host 25 “Welcome to the City” events across the country.  These events helped new alumni meet Badgers in their area, network with other alumni, and learn about their local WAA chapter’s various activities.

This year’s turnout was better than ever — more than 500 alumni attended Welcome to the City events!  The most heavily attended events were in Chicago, the Twin Cities, San Francisco/Bay Area, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and Madison.

In addition to meeting fellow alumni, Welcome to the City is a great opportunity to get to know your local WAA chapter.  Our chapters offer something for everyone, such as leadership positions, volunteer work, and career networking opportunities.

Did you miss your city’s event?  Find you local Wisconsin Alumni Association chapter to find out about other events, including upcoming Badger game watches.