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Worth a Thousand Words: Put Your Records On

February 01, 2022

If you’ve ever heard a song and said, “Oh, this takes me back,” you know the power of music and memory. Some of our strongest musical memories are formed during our college years: from the songs that bumped in every bar on Friday nights, to the tunes that crackled through your Walkman on your way to class, to even the ambient music of your favorite off-campus café. Gone are the days of literal mixtapes (cassettes, anyone?), but today’s students still make their own mixes for every occasion — and because they’re all online, we can enjoy them, too! To celebrate Black History Month, we’re sharing some playlists — curated by the UW’s own Black Cultural Center (BCC) — that feature songs by some of the greatest Black musicians of our time, as well as some you may be enjoying for the first time.

MSC Open House — a great playlist for any day, featuring bops like “I Like It” by Cardi B and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.
NCOD Black Queer Artists — created to celebrate National Coming Out Day (October 11) in 2019, this playlist showcases queer Black musicians, including Janelle Monáe, Todrick Hall, and more.
Black Table Talk 1: Renaissance — the first part in a series of Instagram Live programs hosted by the BCC that discusses music genres through the sociopolitical climate they were created in. This collection focuses on the Harlem Renaissance, with the likes of Etta James and Duke Ellington.
No Slackin’ — the kids will call it vintage, but we’ll call it just plain good. This mix of ’80s and ’90s classics like “No Diggity” and “All Eyez on Me” is perfect for when you simply need to get. it. done.

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