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Top Five Top Fives

If you follow us on social media, you’ve seen our #UWTop5 videos. (If you don’t, what are you waiting for?) We’ve looked at so many things Badger, from the top five residence halls to the top five UW Marching Band traditions. Now, to catch you up, we’ve compiled our top five top fives.

Dana Crary
September 02, 2015

This spring, we introduced the #UWTop5 series of videos highlighting some of UW-Madison’s greatest features. With the help of your suggestions, sent to us on social media at @WisAlumni, we’ve covered quite a range of Badger topics, from best beards to favorite ice cream flavors. We now present the Top Five Top Fives: the most popular of our Top Five videos*.

Number Five: Top Five Original Buildings

4,299 views across 37 countries, including Liberia and the Philippines

Number Four: Top Five Vintage Postcards

4,339 views across 18 countries, including Serbia and Israel

Number Three: Top Five Signs of Spring

4,354 views across 35 countries, including Nigeria and Switzerland

Number Two: Top Five Bird’s-eye Views

4,793 views across 14 countries, including Moldova and South Korea

Number One: Top Five Franks

5,672 plays across 37 countries, including Nepal, Myanmar (Burma), and Aruba

What’s on your list? Share your #UWTop5 with us on Facebook and Twitter at @WisAlumni.

*Stats compiled from Facebook and Vimeo as of August 2015

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