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Lindsay K. ’06

Nonspecifically, there are definitely more Wisconsin residents than nonresidents attending UW–Madison. But if you aren’t convinced by that highly scientific and accurate statement, the cows have counted, and the results are in. Total enrollment (undergraduate, special, and graduate) reached a whopping 44,411 students in fall 2018 — a 1.3 percent increase in the student population as the UW inches closer to the 50K mark. For undergrads, in-state students tally at 17,617, with nonresident students at 12,743. For graduate and professional students, the roles are flip-flopped with resident students numbering 4,507 and nonresidents inching ahead with 7,256. Overall, in-state undergrads and grad students win the axe with a total population of 22,124 versus 19,999 nonresident students. (Incidentally, Minnesotans make up about 2,977 students at both graduate and undergraduate levels.) For those of you who checked our math, the remaining 2,288 are special students — students who are taking classes but not seeking a degree. Of them, 1,600 are in-staters and 688 are nonresidents.

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