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Sara Roseman May '66

Yes, the Plaza is still in existence at 319 North Henry Street, and this family-owned grill is still serving the same Plazaburgers UW alums have devoured for nearly 40 years. While son Jim was pretty tight-lipped about the "secret" sauce (he enjoys his visits with returning alums far too much!), he will tell you that they've sold more than 1,460,000 of them since 1963. Once, they shipped the "secret" sauce and whole-wheat buns to a group in California that was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Mifflin Street Block Party. It was an expensive endeavor, so Jim recommends you visit him at the Plaza next time you're in town - the Plazaburger costs only a bit more than the quarter you paid when you were on campus in 1966!

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