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Party at the Park!

Alumni Park’s Opening Celebration brings campus and community together.

Chelsea Rademacher ’13
October 09, 2017
Bucky Badger at the Alumni Park Opening Celebration.

For a park filled with more than 120 alumni stories, Alumni Park is on the way to writing many stories of its own — beginning with its spirited opening on Friday, October 6. Despite some rain, the evening saw alumni, students, friends, and Badgers of all ages gather in celebration of the new campus landmark on the lake. Here’s just a sample of what was seen and heard at this momentous event.

"This is about people believing in service, discovery, legacy and progress."-Paula Bonner

“Built-in seating. That’s a smart design feature!” — heard near the outdoor classroom

“Numen Lumen! My favorite!” — heard in front of the Badger Pride wall

“Does Abe really have a bow tie?” — heard in front of the Badger Pride wall

“I can’t wait to bring the rest of my college friends here.” — heard in Alumni Way

“It’s not just a park — it’s an experience.” — heard near the entrance to Alumni Way

“What did you have to do to get a red-and-white umbrella?” — heard in Alumni Way

“This is so jazzy.” — heard near the Harley Davidson statue

“Woah.” — heard near the lantern

“I’m so glad to be a Badger!” — heard on Progress Point

“I can’t wait to be an alum.” — heard on the rooftop terrace

“There are a lot of fountains in the world … but this one’s awesome.” — heard near the fountain.

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