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Parknic Point?

UW-Madison finally improves Picnic Point with 12-story parking garage.

John Allen
March 30, 2017
Aerial photo of Picnic Point.

In an exciting development, UW–Madison’s campus master planners revealed a new jewel in the university’s skyline: the Picnic Point Parking Garage.

The 12-story structure will grace one of the last undeveloped sectors of campus: the rugged, jungle-infested peninsula that juts out into Lake Mendota. The new garage is conveniently located, just a quick, two-mile walk from the nearest bus stop.

Offering 480 stalls, the new garage will be named Lot 204 to honor the existing parking-structure naming convention, which numbers lots consecutively.

“We’re very excited about the way this new garage will improve campus,” says Rhonda Civic ’92, the UW’s director of campus natural areas. “By replacing Picnic Point with a parking garage, we expect to see a much happier environmental impact. After all, picnicking is just littering with wine.”

Campus officials assure alumni that the new facility will maintain many of Picnic Point’s traditional features. For instance, Civic says, the garage will honor the beloved fire circles that have long graced Picnic Point.

“Every night,” she says, “we promise to find the largest motor-oil slick and set it ablaze. It will be like a beacon welcoming students to campus.”

Lot 204 opens April 1.

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