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Bharat Kanodia ’00

After clinging to life longer than expected, the original Ogg Hall’s notorious run has finally come to an end. The demolition of the beloved campus landmark began in fall 2007, and hit a snag when the university had to hire another contractor to finish the job. The old site is currently being restored and the new Ogg Hall, located right across Dayton Street, remains a popular residential housing choice among students.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, a visit to the Ogg Blog might help. Since its creation in 2006, hundreds have logged in to share their fond memories and experiences in Ogg. If you’re looking for something more concrete, you can now buy a piece of the legend. After numerous requests, University Housing Director Paul Evans had demolition crews set aside about 200 bricks. Hurry and get yours while they last. Each brick is packaged in a keepsake box and includes copies of the Ogg Hall Dedication Book and History of Housing.

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