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New England Patriots Win Super Bowl XLIX

Patriots re-claim the title, with the help of two former Badgers. In a game that can best be described as… “wait, what?”

Chelsea Rademacher ’13
February 01, 2015
James White with the ball

Photo by David Stluka/Wisconsin Athletic Communications

By defeating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 on Feb. 1, the New England Patriots claimed their fourth Super Bowl title. Right from kickoff, the game was a fight to the finish, punctuated with countless "WHOA" moments: interceptions, tuck-and-roll pass completions, and even an all-out brawl for good measure.

We get that football is a team sport, and all the players are responsible for the win. But let’s take a moment and give a special U-RAH-RAH to the former Badgers who helped the Patriots win the title:

James White, Running Back

New England Patriots, 2014-present
Wisconsin Badgers, 2010-2013

White was part of Wisconsin’s RB dream-team triad: White, Ball, Gordon. He ended his Wisconsin career ranking No. 4 in all-time rushing yards (4,015) and third in rushing touchdowns (45, just one fewer than Gordon). White was a fourth-round draft pick ifor the New England Patriots.

Jonathan Casillas, Linebacker

New England Patriots, 2014-present
Wisconsin Badgers, 2005-2008

Casillas joined the NFL as a free agent in 2009, and has played for the New Orleans Saints, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and, currently, the New England Patriots. A late-joiner to the Patriots, Casillas was plucked from the ailing Tampa Bay Buccaneers just before this season’s trade deadline.

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