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Meet Rosa Thompson MS’14

June 04, 2020

Hi, my name is Rosa Thompson. I'm an Advanced Learning Teacher Leader at Schenk Elementary School in the Madison Metropolitan School District.

A challenge that's come from working remotely is just really figuring out this digital, virtual teaching.

Some of my students really are enjoying this time of virtual learning. They're enjoying being home. Just being more free on when they do their learning.

The Black Girl Magic Conference is a conference that I founded,

It's a day long conference to celebrate, to encourage our Black girls, and for them to learn from Black women who are in our community. This year would have been our third year,

So to have to cancel because of COVID-19 is really, really sad.

Part of what's missing, I think, is the feeling of being in a room with 500 or 600 other Black girls who are your age, who look like you. Its just like constant excitement all day long.

We are transitioning to a virtual conference. I've really tried to keep the connection between the presenters and the girls, figuring out ways that we can really engage our girls while still delivering the content that we want to.

I'm Rosa Thompson and this is what Badgers do.

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