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Fully Equipped: Grant County

Grant County social worker Jennifer Schuhmacher uses her UW education to help her community.

July 22, 2016
Jennifer Schuhmacher

Jennifer Schuhmacher MS’04 loves what she does. As a licensed clinical social worker in Grant County in southwest Wisconsin, she works with a wide variety of people facing serious issues in their lives.

“It’s an honor and a privilege for me to watch people improving,” she says. “It’s like Christmas every day. I love what I do.”

Schuhmacher received her master’s degree from UW-Madison, and she’s certified to treat all types of patients for a full range of psychological issues. It’s a comprehensive skill set that has helped her throughout her career.

There is a depth and quality to the training at the UW. It’s something that really sets UW-Madison apart.

“I feel it’s important that I was trained in a generalist philosophy,” she says. “Often, there are situations that are dynamic systems where a number of issues and people are at work.”

Another thing Schuhmacher appreciated about the UW was its strengths-based approach.

“It’s the most effective approach,” she says, “and it’s how I approach things naturally.”

Schuhmacher puts a high value on her UW-Madison master’s degree. “The education is priceless,” she says. “I feel fully equipped to do the work that I do. I left without any doubt that I was prepared to participate in my field.”

“There is a depth and quality to the training at the UW,” she adds. “It’s something that really sets UW-Madison apart.”

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