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Five Ways to Keep Your Badger Spirit Up When You’re Stuck at Home

Can’t get together with your fellow Badgers? Try one of these activities to bring the U-Rah-Rah home.

Laura Markowitz
March 17, 2020
Student in an apartment reading a book.

University of Wisconsin—Parkside. Area Research Center

Can’t get together with your fellow Badgers? Try one of these activities to bring the U-Rah-Rah home.

1.) Hold a tabletop Big Ten tournament.
Using a tabletop basketball court, have a shoot-off with friends. You can play in person or over a video call. Dust off that March Madness lineup and flip a coin to see which team you’ll be in each round. Then choose whether you want to take turns or make it a race. First person to 21 points wins and advances to the next round of the tournament! (Feel free to add more rules to make it as complicated as you want.)

If you don’t have a tabletop basketball court, you can buy one online — or build one! Check out this video tutorial.

2.) Recreate Memorial Union Terrace.
Draw or cut out the Terrace chair sunburst pattern on a paper plate and tape it to the back of a dining room chair. Set a picture of Lake Mendota as your computer desktop image, then play ambient sounds in the background to set the scene. Try a combination of lake sounds and coffee shop sounds to get that bustling Terrace feeling. Finally, make yourself a bag of popcorn and kick back.

3.) Make your own fudge bottom pie.
Recapture this classic UW favorite right in your kitchen. If you’re not into making your own custard — or if the seven egg yolks seem a bit excessive — you can use a pre-made graham cracker pie crust and swap the cream filling layer for a box of instant vanilla pudding. We won’t tell.

4.) Jump around!
Play the iconic game day song by House of Pain and let loose in your living room. (People who live in upper-level apartments should probably try to jump quietly. Maybe just bob up and down.)

5.) Catch up on Flamingle quizzes.
Ever wonder which dairy product you are? How’s your knowledge of famous UW alumni? Now’s the time to find out! Check out our archive of completely serious and scientifically accurate quizzes.

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