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“My Smart – and Lucky – Mom”

Mary Coyle Alderson ’85 credits her family’s success on a single scholarship awarded back in 1944.

Wendy Krause Hathaway '04
October 08, 2012

Mary Coyle Alderson '85 shared a story about her mother, Cecilia Amend Coyle '48: "She graduated from high school in 1944. The valedictorian of her high school class declined the prize, as she intended to marry rather than go to college. She would have been unable to afford it otherwise. Once she arrived in Madison, she was able to work a series of jobs to continue paying tuition for the remaining years, and graduated in 1948."

Mary's Badger family also includes her son, Reid Alderson x'14; niece Martha x'16; sister Casey Coyle '90, DVM'94; and sister Margo Coyle '77, JD'90. Mary concludes, "All this and more — we have a brother with two UW degrees, and a sister with a UW degree and a JD from William Mitchell — from the tuition scholarship [that] my smart and lucky mom received on June 9, 1944."

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