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Badger Grads Take the Stage

Finals are winding down. Abe’s lap has been sat on. And library fines are paid. All that’s left to do now for UW-Madison’s senior class is to graduate.

May 09, 2013
Photo Courtesy UW-Madison, University Communications

Wisdom and welcome from alumni to the Class of 2013

In just a few days, the newest class of Badger grads will enter alumnihood, equipped with their UW degree, your good advice and a strong show of alumni pride.

As the Class of 2013 prepares for this weekend’s ceremonies, we wondered: What’s the advice Anders Holm ’03 won’t offer in his commencement address?

“Be sure and max out as many credit cards as possible. Banks are ALWAYS understanding. Don't be nice. Everyone hates a nice guy. Don't travel. Never ever. Just. Stay. Put. And. Become. An. Old. Person.”

That, Holm says, is the advice he won’t give grads. Instead, the comic actor and writer — widely known and appreciated among 18-24-year-olds for his leading role on the Comedy Central show "Workaholics" — says he’ll speak from his experience as a relatively recent graduate.

Anders Holm '03

“I can tell them about the first 10 years out of college, what I think I did wrong, what I think I did right,” Holm says. “I’m only 10 years older than these guys, and these are the years where you really plant your foot and you go right or you go left.”

The third season of Workaholics wrapped up in March, and Holm has committed to return to Comedy Central for seasons four and five. It’s a career that the history major says began with communications classes he took his junior year, where he developed his passion for writing, film and television, and cultural activities that made for what he says was “more or less the perfect college experience.”

“Looking back now,” he says, “I wouldn’t do it any other way.”

Senior class officers selected Holm to be the headlining speaker at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s commencement ceremonies on May 18-19, 2013.

The Commencement Tradition

We asked our experts on all things alumni — you — to give a warm welcome to, and perhaps share some wisdom with, the Class of 2013. Some of our favorites:

“As Aldo Leopold did, live lightly on the land. Demand that the marketplace offer you fuel efficient mass transit and more fuel efficient private vehicles, sustainable and safe food, and energy efficient and affordable housing. Become an engaged citizen and demand that your elected representatives reflect your values. You are part of a noble Wisconsin tradition of continuous learning and giving back." —Judith Stadler '65, Fitchburg, Wis.

"Follow your dreams no matter how difficult the path may seem. Anything is possible of you keep focused and believe in yourself. I knew what I was meant to do at 10 years old, even though everyone told me I was crazy, and am a supervisor at the Special Victims Unit, San Francisco Police Department!" —Wendy Bear '85, San Francisco, Calif.

"Never forget your years as a Badger. They have more than prepared you for your goals. And you never know when and where you will find people who can share those memories with you. They can light up a gloomy day — even if you are half a world away!" —Stephanie H. '10, Madison

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