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A Dozen Badger Favorites in Five Minutes

“The idea to put together a medley as a way to honor UW-Madison came to mind last fall …”

Wendy Krause Hathaway '04
July 16, 2014

Five Questions with Bob Freidel ‘13

What inspired you create this UW-Madison medley?

The idea to put together a medley as a way to honor UW-Madison came to mind last fall, and January brought the time to actually work on it. Six months later, it was finally complete and, after rehearsing it on several pianos around campus, I decided to record it on the grand piano at Union South outside Varsity Hall.

What was the video shoot like?

I originally wanted to shoot it at Memorial Union, but the piano at Union South was very nicely tuned and sounded better. I shot three takes and ended up using the second one. (The sound was messed up on the first one because a few students who were nearby started singing and dancing to it.)

How long have you been playing?

Fourteen years but, of course, I’ve taken several breaks to eat, sleep, and study.

What’s next for you?

I currently live in Madison but will be transitioning to Medical School at the University of Illinois this fall. I am still connected to the university as a lifetime member of the Wisconsin Alumni Association.

Why are you proud to be a Badger?

I am proud to be Badger because our cause is something meaningful, non-ostentatious, and noble: the Wisconsin Idea. Whenever given the opportunity to speak about UW-Madison and what it is like, I start by describing how our vision of positively influencing people of the state, nation, and world continues to drive students and alumni to make a difference, just like it drove Babcock to develop the butterfat test. For me, living into the Wisconsin Idea is the most important part of being a Badger and I will forever be proud to carry this mindset with me wherever I go.

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