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It may be fewer than you’d expect. Only four sitting presidents have visited campus: President Rutherford Hayes in September 1878; President Herbert Hoover during his (unsuccessful) reelection campaign in 1932; President Harry Truman during his (successful) reelection campaign in October 1948 and again in the spring of 1950; and finally, President Barack Obama in February 2008, September 2010, and November 2012. In addition to sitting presidents, UW–Madison has also hosted three former commanders-in-chief — Presidents Taft (May 1915), Theodore Roosevelt (May 1918), and Carter (March 1994) — as well as POTUS hopefuls Woodrow Wilson (1911), Dwight Eisenhower (1949), Adlai Stevenson II (1952), John Kennedy (1960), Bill Clinton (1992), Bernie Sanders (2016), and Hillary Clinton (2016).

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