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10 Things to do Before Graduating

Our handy list of the 10 things everyone must do before finishing school at UW-Madison.

Matt Rogge
May 05, 2015

Did you manage to do everything you had hoped before graduating from college? Any lingering regrets? Commencement is next month, so we've compiled this handy list of things every UW-Madison student needs to do before leaving school.

A few of these items might be limited by dietary restrictions, but we hope it helps the current crop of graduates finish their school days on a high note.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

10. Go oink — Have breakfast at Mickie's Dairy Bar.


9. Be a little bit vain — Take a selfie with Bucky.


8. Get Back to Nature — Hike the Arboretum.


7. Be honest — Return all that stolen dining-hall cutlery.


6. Veg out — Stroll the Saturday Farmers’ Market.


5. Go jump in the lake Dip your toes in Lake Mendota.


4. Have a moment — Kiss someone at Picnic Point.


3. Order a slice of mac & cheese — Visit Ian’s Pizza.


2. Brain Freeze — Get Your Favorite Babcock Ice Cream.


1.  Have a presidential moment Sit in Abe’s lap.


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