Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison

On Wisconsin

On Wisconsin is published four times a year by the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) and the offices of University Communications and University Marketing. One of the largest-circulation alumni magazines in the country, On Wisconsin mails each issue to some 356,000 University of Wisconsin–Madison alumni and friends.

Through this unique partnership, WFAA provides funding for the magazine, and editors, writers, graphic designers, photographers, and production assistants at WFAA, University Communications, and University Marketing produce the editorial content.

A Perfect Storm

UW professor Harold Tobin planned to teach Geoscience 140 — a new course examining natural hazards and disasters — assuming he could draw from current events to teach the science behind the news.

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Ladee Hubbard

At home in New Orleans, Ladee Hubbard MFA’14 was booked. She had a full-time job as an adjunct lecturer in Africana studies at Tulane University, a growing family, and a super-powerful calling: to write a novel.

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Arctic Watch

In Alaska, where glaciers are melting, Fran Ulmer ’69, JD’72 leads a commission tasked with helping U.S. officials decide what to do about climate change.

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A Muffled Voice

Enslaved for nearly 70 years, George Moses Horton was perhaps the unlikeliest man of letters. After teaching himself to read, he took to poetry, composing and memorizing verses in his mind.

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Final Words

Half a century ago, 80 language lovers fanned out across the country to chat with as many people in as many places as possible with a single goal in mind: creating an all-encompassing dictionary of how Americans talk.

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