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Badgers, Badgers, Everywhere

We’ve all been there: you’re out in the world, minding your own business, when suddenly someone shouts, “Go, Badgers!” at you. At first you think, “Wait, what? How’d they know?!” Then you look down and realize you’re wearing Wisconsin gear.

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Sarah Schutt

Badgering: Sarah Schutt

Paula Bonner MS’78 announced in February 2017 that she would be stepping down, and in May 2017, she named her successor: Sarah Schutt, who took the reigns of WAA on July 1 as its chief alumni officer and executive director.

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Paula Bonner

The Boss Signs Off

As longtime Wisconsin Alumni Association president Paula Bonner heads toward retirement, she offers a look back — and a look ahead.

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Two alums smiling with sail boat on Lake Mendota in background.


Get ready to feel the nostalgia … and to start planning your next trip to campus.

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Alums smiling and laughing with Camp Randall stadium projected on them.


One of our favorite things at Badger Insider is hearing stories from our readers, and we’ve started to notice that most of our interactions with you contain a wish to return to Madison or a happy memory about a beloved place on campus.

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