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  • 1982 Boston Marathon: Bob Blazer, Harold Hubbard

    Bob Blazer (Class of 1952) and I (Class of ’51) first met in the late ’40s, attending U.W.M. We finished our education in Madison. We had not seen each other for over 30 years, when we finally met, running next to each other, in of all places, the 1982 Boston Marathon.

  • Multiple-Generational Wisconsin Badgers: Caryl Louise (Chandler) Herziger

    There must be an astonishing number of multiple-generational families who are a part of UW-Madison’s history. As a part of this group, I think you will find my family to be an interesting and unique member. Its uniqueness is due partly to the fact that my grandmother was a co-ed when women were a rarity on the campus and partly to the fact that for three of the four generations both the husband AND the wives of the couples were Wisconsin graduates. The following is our story.