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Meet Our Board: Jeff G.

Jeff Gustafson
Jeff Gustafson

Did you know that our board is made of seven wonderful individuals? Featured this month is our treasurer, Jeff Gustafson

Jeff is an Economics 2007 graduate. Some of his favorite activities at UW included competing for the UW Water Ski and Wakeboard Team, Coffee shop or Helen C. White study sessions, F.A.C., a casual stroll down State Street.

Jeff's duties include:

  • Document and track Chapter financials, including retaining receipts and tracking and categorizing all transactions
  • Disburse funds, including reimburse expenses
  • Maintain accounts and balances, including moving funds into the scholarship or endowment accounts, as needed, and managing the endowment account in accordance with board needs
  • File state and federal tax returns, including confirming tax preparer’s availability and capacity to assist and requesting tax return extension (May & November)
  • Complete and submit WFAA’s annual Treasurer’s report (September)
  • Retain financial records