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Volunteer Spotlight: Kacey

Kacey Davidson, WAA: Twin Cities Chapter Vice President

We are fortunate to have local Badgers like Kacey Davidson in the Twin Cities area. After a many year leadership stint on her sorority's national governing body, she has taken on the role of Vice President within the chapter.  As VP, Kacey is responsible for our volunteer & board member recruitment efforts, providing strategic leadership as a member of the executive committee, and helping to plan fun activities for Badgers of all life stages.  She has been a leading advocate for helping us expand our geographic footprint to the eastern portion of the Twin Cities and for coming up with new ideas.  Outside of the chapter, she is a theater buff, spouse and mother.  If you see her at our next event, be sure to tell her Thank You for donating her time and talent to the chapter leadership team!

Want to be like Kacey? Send an email to to learn how you can get more involved this fall.