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Student Scholarship Recipients

Each year the University of Wisconsin Mile-High Alumni Chapter is able to give partial tuition support for many Colorado students studying at UW-Madison. The grants have ranged from $500 to $1,500 per student per year. The amount available each year depends on the success of local fund-raising efforts.

During the past twenty-seven years, the Mile-High Chapter has supported 90 different students. The total amount contributed by the local chapter during that time is $115,325. With matching support from the University of Wisconsin Foundation and Bascom Chapter Status Scholarship Awards, we have been able to award $230,650 in scholarship support. The scholarships have been renewable and students have received total grants of up to $5,750 over a five-year period.

University of Wisconsin Mile-High Alumni Chapter

Scholarship Report 2017-18

This report summarizes the scholarship activity of the University of Wisconsin Mile-High Alumni Chapter during the twenty-seven years since 1989-1990.

  1. Total funds contributed by the Chapter: $115,325 for an average annual contribution of $4,271.
  2. $3,000 was contributed during 2017-2018.
  3. Total scholarship dollars awarded using matching funds and Bascom Scholarship from the University of Wisconsin Foundation: $230,650 for average annual awards of $8,542.
  4. Scholarship support has been awarded to ninety (90) individuals through an average total award per student of $2,562.78. The range of total awards per student is $450 to $5,750.
  5. Range of Total Awards Number
Less than $1,0009
$4,000 or more12

Renewal of Scholarship Awards

One-Year Awards21
Two-Year Awards16
Three-Year Awards14
Four-Year Awards39

Six students supported by the UW Mile-High Chapter during Academic Year 2017-2018.

Kaila SamFreshmanSilver Creek High School
Samuel HermanstorferSophomoreCastle View High School
Rachel LehrmanSophomoreRock Canyon High School
Patrick SloanSophomoreRock Canyon High School
Emily KohnJuniorHighlands Ranch High School
Haley ShapiroJuniorDenver Jewish Day School