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Where Are They Now? – Scholarship Winner Carolyn Peters ‘19

Becoming a Badger was second (or third?) nature for Carolyn Peters.  As you will read, she is actually a THIRD generation Badger!  Both her and her sister Olivia became Badgers and followed in the family tradition.  As our 2015 WAA: HOI Chapter scholarship recipient, you will enjoy hearing more about Carolyn’s wonderful story and what she’s up to now.

What is your hometown?

I am originally from Normal, Illinois.

When did you graduate?

I graduated from the UW in 2019.

What was your major and what degree did you obtain? 

My major was Nutritional Sciences with a Gerontology certificate.

What are you doing now?

On July 1, I started attending Thiel College in western Pennsylvania. I am working towards a master’s in Physician Assistant studies and am so excited about it!  Before that, I was working at a few Chicago hospitals as a CNA and medical scribe.

Describe a fond memory of your time as a UW student.

Some of my favorite times at Madison were Saturday mornings.  I loved riding my bike or running to Picnic Point with my friends and then heading to the farmer’s market.

Why did you choose to attend UW?

I chose UW because of the wonderful campus environment/culture, the opportunities to explore so many majors and extracurriculars, and the positive experiences other family members have had at Madison.  I am a third generation Badger!

Both of my parents had really positive experiences going to school at Madison.  They loved taking Olivia and me around campus and to the occasional football game when we were growing up.  They shared their stories about how attending the UW afforded them many opportunities for learning and growth.  Also, my father’s parents, Jurgen and Penny Peters, both attended UW-Madison in the 1950s.  The whole family loves Wisconsin!

What would you say to prospective students? 

I would highly recommend exploring Madison!  The opportunities are nearly endless and there are so many meaningful ways to learn and grow.  Plus, as a central Illinois native, UW was a great distance from home for me.  I got to experience a new city and grow as an adult, but was still able to see family regularly.

How would you describe your education from UW?

UW had so many great professors and interesting classes to take.  Also, the volunteer and work experience I was able to do had a big impact on my future career choice.  Some examples of this were acting as a health coach at a local clinic and serving as a home health aide for Madison residents.  There are lots of opportunities to be involved on campus and within the greater Madison community.

What is a fun fact that people may not know about you?

A fun fact about me is that my family raised a small flock of sheep when I was growing up.  I think this early, hands-on exposure in nature really sparked my interest in science and led me to the career path I have chosen!

What did you use the scholarship money for which you received from our chapter?

I used the scholarship money for tuition!  Receiving the scholarship funds (plus some others I was lucky enough to receive) helped me make the decision to attend Wisconsin by balancing out some of the other larger merit scholarships I had been offered at other colleges I applied to.

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