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Where Are They Now? Scholarship Winner Alison Pagel ’20

Commitment defines Alison Pagel. It was incredibly evident when she showed up at Founders’ Day to receive her scholarship award in her prom dress! With date in tow, she knew how important it was to be there to show her appreciation and to thank the alumni who made her award possible. After receiving her award, she raced back to Lincoln, IL, to attend her senior prom. Alison’s commitment is constantly on display in her extracurricular activities and the remarkable career she has begun.

Enjoy reading about her journey that began with her STEM field of study!

1. What is your hometown?
My home town is Lincoln, which is where I grew up, but in the last part of high school we moved to Clinton. I attended Lincoln Community High School — Lincoln, IL.

2. When did you graduate?
I graduated from the UW in May of 2020.

3. What was your major, and what degree did you obtain?
I majored in civil engineering.

4. What are you doing now?
I work as a Construction Project Manager for healthcare projects for Findorff Construction in Madison, WI.

5. Describe a fond memory of your time as a UW student.
I majored in civil engineering.

6. Why did you choose to attend UW?
I fell in love with Madison and the campus the moment I toured! I was also drawn to their incredible engineering program.

7. What would you say to prospective students
It is a phenomenal school with rich history and amazing alumni. Everyone can find their place and their people at UW!

8. How would you describe your education from UW?
Receiving an education at UW helped to make me a well-rounded individual and enhanced my critical thinking skills.  This education also gave me the tools, resources, and connections that have helped me to succeed in my career.

9. What is a fun fact that people may not know about you?
A fun fact that people don't know about me is that I like crafting and I own a Cricut!

10. What did you use the scholarship money for which you received from our chapter?
This money helped to offset the cost to attend UW as an out of state student.

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