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Where Are They Now? Abigail Steinberg ’21

1. What is your hometown?
I attended LaSalle-Peru Township High School.

2. When did you graduate?
I graduated from the UW in May 2021.

3. What was your major, and what degree did you obtain?
I double majored and received my degree in political science and journalism.

4. What are you doing now?
I'm a communications specialist. I'm responsible for writing and developing written and creative communications materials (think press releases, op-eds, talking points, social media, statements) for members of the Democratic caucus of the Illinois House of Representatives.

5. Describe a fond memory of your time as a UW student.
My fondest memories from the UW were late nights at The Badger Herald. Whether we were scrambling to get pages to the printer in time or sharing a case of Hamm’s, it was truly special to share a common goal and set of passions with my peers. The Herald was one of the first places where I felt like I truly belonged, and I'll hold those times near and dear to my heart forever.

6. Why did you choose to attend the UW?
I chose the UW because its political science and journalism programs were fantastic, and that's what I wanted to do (and eventually did). Aside from that, it just felt right. I remember the first time I scaled Bascom Hill during my prospective student tour. Everyone was winded because the climb is brutal, but when I hit the top and looked down State Street to the capitol, I knew I was home.

7. What would you say to prospective students?
The UW is gigantic, and that's scary for a lot of people. Don't look at its size as a bad thing — it's big, which means there is a place for everyone. You'll find your place, your people, and yourself.

8. How would you describe your education from the UW?
The Wisconsin Idea is still essential to my life and the choices I make. College is a great time to learn about the world and yourself, but there's no point in doing that if it's not for other people. I'm so proud of the fact I can take what I learned at Wisconsin and bring it to my job so I can best serve the state of Illinois every day. My education at the UW made me a more rounded person who's passionate about making my world and community a better place.

9. What is a fun fact that people may not know about you?
A fun fact about me is that I have a favorite amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It's the First Amendment.

10. What did you use the scholarship money for?
I used the scholarship money for tuition.

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