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Student Send-Off Event – FLEXED!

Although the pandemic kept the WAA HOI Chapter from holding our traditional Student Send-off celebratory picnic, we were still successful getting our incoming students together before the start of the academic year.  We have found that having a strong network and group of friends that you can count on is key to your success as a student in Madison.  And nothing brings out young adults like FREE ICE CREAM!  We were excited to have 17 of our 25 incoming freshmen join us for a Labor Day ice cream social.  Most of the students had different majors, different home towns, and lived in different dorms.  Although very few of them knew one another when the event started, before it was over, there were many commitments to sit together in class, participate in sports with one another and they created a chat group so that they could stay in contact with one another in the future.  We see a bright future for the newest class of Badgers!