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Scholarship Winner Byron Buck III ’21

1. What is your hometown?
I am from Washington, Illinois and attended Washington Community High School.

2. When did you graduate?
I graduated from the UW in December 2021.

3. What was your major, and what degree did you obtain?
I double majored in industrial engineering and economics.

4. What are you doing now?
I am an industrial engineer for the Boeing Company in Everett, Washington. I currently work on the 777X program working on manufacturing the new 777 and 777X planes.

5. Describe a fond memory of your time as a UW student.
Sledding down Observatory Hill on lunch trays taken from Elizabeth Waters residence hall. No lunch trays were harmed!

6. Why did you choose to attend the UW?
I chose Wisconsin because of the people who were there and went there before me. When I spoke to current students, they always had something going on outside of class. Their passion for projects or clubs they were involved in inspired me to go and get active in the campus community during my four years. This is something I have also noticed many alumni continue to do after they graduate. There always seems to be more to their life than their 9–5 job. That type of culture really resonated with me and is what pushed me to Wisconsin over other universities.

7. What would you say to prospective students?
Madison is one of the best places to spend your college years. From football game day to the Wisconsin Cheese Club, the opportunities at the UW are nearly limitless, and the school gives you the freedom to make your college experience your own. If you come to Madison for college, I can almost guarantee after it is over, you will try to find every opportunity to come back.

8. How would you describe your education from the UW?
I think Wisconsin molded me into a well-balanced graduate. At the UW, you receive a world-class education, but this goes beyond the classroom. I had the opportunity to learn how to lead by being a club president, learn how to relax by being a Terrace regular on Friday afternoons after class, and forge life-long friendships. I do not think I would be where I am today if I was not a Badger.

9. What is a fun fact that people may not know about you?
I have been to 5/6 of the inhabited continents. I hope to travel to Australia in the near future (On a Boeing plane, of course).

10. What did you use the scholarship money for?
I used the scholarship money for tuition.