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Meet a Badger: Terri Benson ’69

Terri Benson
When you did you attend UW & what did you study?
I attended UW 1965-69 and earned a B.S. degree. I majored in English and secondary education with a French minor.
What is your hometown?
Chicago (currently Springfield)
Describe your career after graduation.
After graduating from UW, I earned a Masters degree in Guidance and Counseling from Ohio State. The majority of my career was spent as a counselor/guidance dean in the Springfield Public Schools. The job included all aspects of educational and post-secondary guidance. The longer I worked, the more I became committed to my belief that it’s essential that those who work with adolescents actually like and respect them. All students deserve a safe space where they can let down their guard and receive information and caring from a knowledgeable adult.
What is one of your fondest memories from the UW?
So many good memories of UW. Gifted teachers, beautiful surroundings, Hoofers ski trips, political awakening, lifelong friends.
How would you describe your UW education?
The education was excellent. I had world class professors who shared lessons that I can recall even nearly 50 years later. I had a personal goal when I was counseling that I get at least one student from each graduating class to attend UW. The atmosphere and scale allow a student to discover their passion through exposure to so many options. My experience at UW was one where people were not pigeon holed. Your associations went across group definitions- you didn’t have to be in the Greek system to have friendships in that arena and vice versa. You could have healthy debate and appreciation for those with other views. You have the privilege of living in a beautiful city.
Why do you enjoy participating in the WAA HOI Chapter?
The WAA HOI has been a fun way to give back and share enthusiasm for the place that helped shape me into who I am today.