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First Semester Dean’s List Recipients

In spite of a very challenging, dynamic learning environment, our students have impressed us with their academic accolades! Congratulations to all four of our 2020 scholarship recipients, Cole Adams, Dian Jin, Lexi Luo, and Barsha Pantha, on qualifying for the Dean’s List this past semester. In fact, 58 percent of freshmen from our chapter area qualified for this high honor! It’s wonderful to see that we continue to send the best and brightest to Madison! We are happy to also recognize Caleb Alter, Ozias Carey-Tilghman, Adam Darlington, Jack Donahue, Shay Doty, Allia Lin, Eliza Loechl, Carly Lundry, Morgan McCartney, Isaac Ogunleye, Preethi Saravanan, and Taylor Walter!

In addition, our prior scholarship winners are also continuing to shine. We want to recognize Carsyn Barber, Andie Bolton, Byron Buck III, Anna Bucklar, Miller Calhoun, Sheldon Deng, Olivia Peters, Abigail Steinberg, Madison Thatcher, and Noah Trapp for their continuing efforts to accomplish great things!