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The Results Are In! Fill the Hill 2020: Virtually Unflappable

Astounding! Amazing! Remarkable! Unprecedented! Stupendous! Outstanding! There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe the incredible generosity of the alumni from the WAA: Heart of Illinois Chapter! Every year, in honor of one of the most memorable UW pranks ever pulled, the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association fills Bascom Hill with as many plastic lawn flamingos as possible. Each flamingo represents one gift made to the university during Fill the Hill. Because of COVID-19, the 2020 event was all virtual, but it was still a smashing success. During the three-day campaign, our chapter had 59 donations, raising nearly $14,000! Along with matches from WAA and other generous supporters, we raised more than $22,000 for our chapter scholarship fund to help make the dream of a UW education come true for promising local students.

How significant was this? Our chapter had the highest number of donations and dollars raised (by a wide margin) of all chapters on the planet: it represented 18.5 percent of all chapter donations and a whopping 23.8 percent of all dollars raised by chapters. Yep, not enough superlatives! Thank you, Heart of Illinois Super Badgers!