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Chapter Board

Board Chairman // Kyle Schneider

Kyle oversees all points of governance of the WAA France chapter. When called upon, the chair is the main voice of the chapter, representing its activities and speaking on behalf of the chapter at local events. Kyle has served as the main liaison with the University of Wisconsin, including WAA France, the Wisconsin Foundation and institutional partners on campus. The chair ensures that all activities have proper support to effectively achieve their goals, through volunteers and funding. In addition, the chair is responsible for publishing the chapter's Annual Report, which is presented publicly at the summer BBQ and subsequently communicated to WAA. Contact him regarding any aspect of the UW's presence in France.

Vice Chairperson - Marketing & Communications // Open position

The Vice Chairperson leads the chapter's initiatives to promote the University of Wisconsin in France and manages contact lists for all chapter members, including email and snail mail information. In addition s/he helps the chapter track participation at events and encourages new involvement of alumni, namely amongst the young graduate community. S/he disseminates information about chapter activities through creative email invites and web communications. Contact the chapter, if you have any questions, ideas or would like to get involved with the chapter's communications or about the chapter's growing community (the WAA-France groups on LinkedIn, on Facebook or the Ouisconsin channel on youtube, etc.).

Chair - Career Resources // Janine Brimbal

Janine coordinates all career development activities and resources for alumni and students visiting France. Currently this entails an annual panel event hosted in the spring to promote international career perspectives and networking. Where possible, she also helps match students to volunteer alumni mentors for even further career advice. Contact her if you are interested in being a volunteer mentor, have any career questions or ideas.

Co-chair - Scholar Support // Brittany Blanc & Anne-Catherine Tuffery

Brittany and Anne-Catherine lead the chapter's efforts to support scholarship in its greatest sense between the University of Wisconsin and France. Most recently, this has included management of the selection process and funding procurement for the Ouisconsin Scholarship fund. In their role, Brittany & Anne-Catherine work closely with the Ouisconsin Scholarship Committee, the University of Wisconsin Foundation and the Wisconsin Alumni Association, which matches all donations. Contact them with your questions or if you would like to join the committee.

Co-chairs - Sports Activities // Kristine Minski & Daniel Scott Hamm

Kristine and Daniel coordinate all sport-related activities for the chapter, namely the annual Crazy Legs Race at the Eiffel Tower. They also collect and distribute information about where to find UW sports events at local establishments. For key games, they serve as contact or host where possible. Contact them for further questions about the sports activities of the chapter.

Treasurer // Leah Fink

Carrie maintains the chapter's accounts and reports on their status quarterly. She writes checks on behalf of the chapter, as called upon by the various activities of the association. The treasurer also helps directs the fund-collection process (with assistance from the given committee) for event participation, etc. A founding member of the chapter, Carrie is excited to bring Badgers from throughout Europe together. Contact her with any questions you may have.