Football Game-Watch Form

This form will help ensure game-watch events and Badger Hangout locations are up to to date on your chapter website for the upcoming football season.

We will be sending a game-watch email for each game this season, so in the form below, please indicate the games for which you will be hosting a game-watch. If you do not want to be included in the game watch email each week, there is a field to note that in the form.

Also, if you request a chapter email with additional chapter events and news for a given week, we will remove your chapter from the game-watch-specific email, so be sure to include game-watch details in your chapter email newsletter.

To make sure your chapter game-watch details are up to date and you are included in the first game-watch email, be sure to submit details by August 16.

In order to ensure your game-watch is added to the weekly game-watch email, you must have game-watch details submitted by 5 p.m. the Monday of game week. If the submission is received after that, your event may not make it into the weekly game-watch send.