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“This memory is the only sad one from the wonderful times in Madison. However, I cannot get it out of my mind. I gazed from the bottom of Bascom Hill to the top by Lincoln’s statue. White crosses, each one representing a Wisconsin person who died in Vietnam, were staring back at me through the morning fog.” — Iris Gilson Katers ’69 of Marquette, Michigan

“Marching peacefully up Bascom Hill with candles during this most challenging time in history.” — Robin Feinhandler Gray ’70 of West Palm Beach, Florida

“My husband and I met our first day at school when his dorm (Ogg) and mine (Chadbourne) had a mixer. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in January. Twelve members of our family have attended the UW over four generations — including our daughter. Our granddaughter is the youngest-ever member of the Bascom Hill Society. She was four minutes old. Try to beat that record. Obviously, Wisconsin has a deep and resonant place in our hearts.” — Nancy Weinstein Brown ’69 and Peter Brown ’69 of Palm Beach, Florida

“In addition to the fun atmosphere and exuberance surrounding our football games at Camp Randall, and the great ski trips as part of the Hoofers Ski Club, I remember being teargassed out of many classes as the protests against the Vietnam War on campus increased in frequency and scope. Fortunately, we did not have the physical violence and injuries during our tenure that unfortunately marked the bombing at Sterling Hall the year following our graduation. I also remember fondly the ‘message board’ fence around what is now the complex that includes the journalism school; lots of fun and artistic messages made their way, for a while, onto that fence!” — Ken Levinson ’69 of Edina, Minnesota

“Union Terrace, Camp Randall — with virtually no one in attendance — Chemical Engineering Summer Lab, lectures with 500 students as a freshman, meeting my wife, signing up for classes — a logistical nightmare.” — Richard Antoine ’69 of Longboat Key, Florida

“Times with Hoofers were the BEST — sailing, canoeing, camping, skiing, etc. Also DID explore the steam tunnels. … Almost all of my classes were excellent; great professors AND TAs.” — Susan Paddock ’69 of Las Vegas

“My UW memories include: studying for exams in the Memorial Library stacks; getting teargassed during State Street protests … too curious!; learning to watch for city busses in the new dedicated bus lanes; receiving a jaywalking ticket for taking a little shortcut on University Avenue!; enduring the awful football seasons during the late 60s.” — Jody Dike Goral ’69 of Nashotah, Wisconsin

“UW–Madison — where I earned my BA and an ‘MRS’ and enjoyed a honeymoon with a UW PhD Fulbright scholar in Bogota, Colombia.” — Sharon Sacks Graff ’69

“Walking to the Union along to Lakeshore Path, feeling like I was ‘living history’ during this era.” — Stephanie Sorensen ’69 of Madison

“Men’s Glee Club, Hillel, and Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity.” — Gerald Sternberg of Madison

“Sit with Michael Tarasik.” — Susan Tarasik of Greendale, Wisconsin

“My life at [the] UW was punctuated by my work at the Elm Drive cafeteria, where I manned the Hobart in the dish room and served as the ‘clicker’ at Sunday brunch. I frequently made four trips a day on the [Lakeshore Path], back and forth to classes, and loved every minute of that beautiful walk (even in the gale-force wind). I vividly recall the [National] Guard on campus, the tear gas wafting through the windows during class, and SDS rallies near the Carillon. I became a teacher of both elementary and post-graduate university students and have been ever grateful for the extraordinary preparation I received in Madison.” — Diana Otis Reeves ’69 of Mansfield, Massachusetts

“Member and then captain of UW cheerleaders; participant in university musicals at Wisconsin Union Theater; member of the Evans Scholars program; elected to the Madison City Council in 1970 representing the Fourth District; served along with [former] Mayor Paul Soglin and Alderman Eugene Parks on the City Council representing largely student wards.” — Dennis McGilligan ’69, JD’73 of Madison

“Remembering the moment that I told my best friend Roz (to this day) that I would marry the saxophone player as we watched The Fabulous Imitations perform in Great Hall. Michael and I got married at Judith and John’s house on Doty Street at a potluck wedding on December 8, 1968. We just celebrated our 50th Anniversary!!!” — Judith Canner Moss ’69 of New York, New York

“Living in Rust House, Jingle’s Stadium Bar, working at the Brathaus, dating girls from Chadbourne Hall, Saturday football games.” — Robert Lawrence ’69, MBA’71 of Waukesha, Wisconsin

“From my freshman year until I graduated, the faculty was always helpful and friendly. They made attending Wisconsin a great experience. On, Wisconsin.” — Jeff Hoerr ’69 of Mapleton, Illinois

“It was an exciting and life-formulating time. I am so glad I graduated from the UW.” — Jeanellyn Desmarais Schwarzenbach ’69, MA’70 of Green Bay, Wisconsin

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