Founders’ Day 2020

Forward is our driving spirit …”“On, Wisconsin” lyrics by Carl Beck

The very first classes at the University of Wisconsin gathered on February 5, 1849 — and the UW has been changing lives and moving the world forward ever since. Now, Wisconsin Alumni Association® chapters around the world host special Founders’ Day celebrations every year to commemorate this milestone. The season stretches from February until May and is filled with spirited events featuring accomplished Badgers from Madison to Singapore and beyond.

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February 5 — Madison, WI

February 26 — Tucson, AZ

March 7 — Malaysia

March 5 — Tampa Bay, FL

March 5 — Sarasota, FL

March 12 — South Florida

March 14 — Louisville, KY

March 19 — St. Louis, MO

March 21 — Paris, France

March 22 — Germany

March 23 — Atlanta, GA

March 26 — Las Vegas, NV

March 31 — Fond du Lac, WI

More Founders’ Day event details to come — check back soon! Find your nearest chapter to learn about other upcoming events.