Healthy Aging Series

Healthy Aging Series — “Imagining Markers of Muscle Physiology: Implications in Aging and Disease”

March 14 - 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Capitol Lakes Retirement Community, 333 W. Main Street, Madison, WI 53703
Cost: Free

About the event

Consequential changes that occur within muscle as a result of aging and disease negatively affect mobility, independence, quality of life, and mortality. Clinicians currently lack adequate tools of muscle assessment, which contributes to underrecognition of muscle wasting and, as a result, a lack of therapeutic intervention. Learn more about how the inability to accurately characterize muscle acts as a major obstacle in the care of older adults — but how it also presents an opportunity to develop identification strategies needed to improve healthy aging and minimize the ramifications of disease.


Adam Kuchnia, assistant professor, UW–Madison’s Department of Nutritional Sciences

About the speaker

Kuchnia is an honorary fellow within the Department of Surgery at UW­–Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health. Through more than eight years of experience in patient care as a registered dietitian, Kuchnia gained an appreciation for nutrition research and evidenced-based practice. His research focuses on clinical nutrition, muscle physiology, and protein metabolism in various clinical populations, and he is particularly interested in novel applications to refine protein recommendations (with the goal of preserving muscle mass and muscle quality while preventing the negative consequences of aging and disease). His overall goal is to better characterize the changes in muscle that occur as a result of disease and aging in order to identify early markers of muscle wasting that can be used to critically appraise therapeutic intervention.

This event is free and open to the public, but registration is strongly recommended!

Free parking is available in the ramp across the street from the building’s main entrance. You will need to pull a parking ticket and take it to the lecture, where Capitol Lakes staff will validate it for you before you leave.

Questions? Contact Joe D’Amato at or 1-608-308-5537.

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