A Day in the Life of a UW Grad: Lori Lutze

Lori Schmidt Lutze ’82 tries to practice what she and her classmates learned in Comm Arts 101 from Dr. Mary Anne Fitzpatrick’s lesson on Leo Buscaglia: “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

Janika Eckert Receives 2016 All-America Selections Breeder’s Cup

Johnny’s Plant Breeder Janika Eckert was awarded the All-America Selections (AAS) Breeder’s Cup at the annual summit held in Madison.

Senior Alumnae win strength contest: Mary Beth Kuester and Kay Kuester Doran

UW alumni Kay Kuester Doran, 81, UW 57 and sister Mary-Beth Kuester,77, UW 60 and 74, competed for the third time in the Strong Man/Tough Chick competition in Clintonville WI.

Reinhart attorneys, 31 UW grads, named 2017 Best Lawyers in America

Thirty-one Reinhart attorneys, graduates of UW Law School, have been named 2017 Best Lawyers in America.

Joan (Krapfel) Collins Receives Wisconsin Governor’s First Ever Trailblazer Thrive Award

Joan (Krapfel) Collins, owner and founder of Joan Collins Publicity., Inc., Madison, WI received the Thrive Award at the Governor’s Trailblazers Awards Ceremony for 50 years owning her own business, serving as a pillar of the business community and inspiring generations of women.

Jack Kaltenberg to Receive First WALSAA Daluge Red Jacket Award

Watch a new tradition begin at the September 17th WALSAA Football Fire-Up as the first WALSAA Daluge Red Jacket Award will be presented to Jack Kaltenberg.

Epitome of the UW-Madison spirit: Brian Kulas

Brian Kulas passed away this year. He was a starter with the UW basketball team and then upon graduation worked his entire life in education and helping many community causes in Medford, Wisconsin.

Proud to be a Badger: Roger Hamilton

As we watched the procession of first responders pass at the memorial for Officer Garrett Swasey, my two boys and I were thrilled to see a University of Wisconsin Police vehicle. Way to drive 1200 miles to honor a fellow officer! I’m proud to be a Badger!

Multiple-Generational Wisconsin Badgers: Caryl Louise (Chandler) Herziger

There must be an astonishing number of multiple-generational families who are a part of UW-Madison’s history. As a part of this group, I think you will find my family to be an interesting and unique member. Its uniqueness is due partly to the fact that my grandmother was a co-ed when women were a rarity on the campus and partly to the fact that for three of the four generations both the husband AND the wives of the couples were Wisconsin graduates. The following is our story.