Matching Dollar Scholarship Program

Spring 2018 Scholarship Submissions

Notice of Program Changes: The Chapter Scholarship Program is undergoing major changes. The match is being phased out over a period of three years. Read these answers to frequently asked questions.

Online form is now available

  • For output purposes, we have the form setup as one student per entry. So if your chapter/affiliate has more than one student receiving a scholarship, you will need to submit it multiple times.
  • When entering scholarship recipients, please be sure to have all information (including student ID’s) ready to input before submitting. The system does not allow you to enter partial information and go back in later to complete it.


This is a way for chapters to assist local UW-Madison students. The mission is to attract a diverse group of the brightest and best students to the UW and provide them with valuable scholarships. The University of Wisconsin Foundation matches the funds raised by chapters, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000 per year. Since the program was founded in 1967, chapters have awarded more than $6 million to nearly 5,000 deserving students.

Scholarship Timeline

March: List of continuing students and early list of admitted students to chapters. Admitted student lists will include name, address, e-mail, high school and phone. WAA is not able to include information about whether a student qualifies for need-based aid.

April: Scholarship reimbursements will be deducted from chapter accounts (providing all accounts are reconciled).

May 1: Enrollment deposit deadline. Updated list of admitted students to chapters to include name, address, e-mail, high school and phone. Account balances reconciled with UWF and forwarded to chapters.

July 1: Deadline for Fall Transmittal Forms (only on-line submissions accepted) and for funds to be deposited into scholarship accounts (checks should be made out to the UW Foundation and sent c/o WAA).

August 15: Scholarship deduction appears on student’s tuition e-bill.

December 1: Deadline for Spring Transmittal Forms (only on-line submissions accepted) and for funds to be deposited into scholarship accounts.

Scholarship Transmittal Form

Chapter scholarships must be submitted via the online transmittal form. No hard copies will be accepted.

The deadline for submitting Spring 2018 scholarships to WAA is December 1, 2018. Scholarships submitted after this date will not be processed in time to award money for first semester.

Be sure to include the matching-dollar portion when determining the final amount of the award. The UW Foundation will match up to $10,000 per chapter. We will need each recipient’s student ID number so that the Office of Student Financial Services can properly identify the correct student. All students, including new students, receive an ID number upon acceptance. (Note: this is not the ID number associated with a student’s private UW record.) Out of respect for the privacy and safety of the students, please do not send us their Social Security numbers.

Please contact your scholarship recipients to let them know how much money they will receive and in which semester(s) they will receive it. Make sure to let them know that their scholarships will be applied directly to their tuition statements and that they will not receive a check. Please have your students contact their chapter representative with questions regarding the status of their scholarships.

Scholarship Donations

Please make all checks for your scholarship fund payable to the UW Foundation. All checks must be submitted no later than December 1, 2017. Checks made out to your chapter or to WAA will not be processed.

If you have combined multiple scholarship donations into one check from your chapter, but want gift receipts from the UW Foundation sent to individual donors, please attach a list with the names, addresses and amount donated for each person who contributed to the total amount listed on your check.